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We shake hands and get to know each other. We inquire after your goals, how many people you need, your tech stack, what's your project time frame, and when you want everything to start. Also, you might tell us a bit about your budget.


Here we go through MNK's resources and try to provide you with the members of our team who will prove relevant for the task at hand. If we do not have the right professionals for you, we go through our base of reliable partners so that we can quickly come up with a solution.

Note: At this stage, strict confidentiality is kept.


Now is when you and your clients meet the professionals to personally evaluate their skills and expertise. This is also the time when we and/or our partners start learning about project details and the end client.


After a successful screening, usually it takes us about a week to run the contracting process and place you with the force you need — outstaffing, project augmentaion or just consultancy.

We then begin monitoring the process by providing administrative assistance, performance evaluation, logistics support.

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