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September, 2022


Online event

IT for Tech Recruiters

The course aims to provide those involved in the recruitment of IT staff with much of the latest technologies in accessible language.

IT for Tech Recruiters
IT for Tech Recruiters

Time & Location

September, 2022

Online event

About the Event


Do you know what defines the technical stack in a startup? Do you know the exact difference between Waterfall, Agile and Lean Methodologies? When you are recruiting a Ruby developer and can’t find one, do you know which other programming language can be easy to switch from?   

Well… technical recruitment is booming and there are many opportunities for recruiters and HRs. But without a practical understanding of the IT processes and terminologies behind it, you will waste so much time and efforts.

Why should you join the course? You already know that Java is different than JavaScript…😂    


✔Software Development Life Cycle

✔Apps (web, client, server, mobile, frontend, backend, etc.)

✔Programming languages and programming paradigms

✔Software development tools

✔IT infrastructure and cloud

✔Software testing



 ✔ You will learn about the full software development lifecycle so that you know what the developers do daily  

✔ You will learn about the technologies, programming languages, frameworks and tools that developers use 

 ✔ You will get the knowledge you need to start interviewing and engaging more confidently with Hiring Managers and IT professionals    

And not only that… Our training has been designed 9 years ago and every singel edition from all the dozens held so far was updated and updated and updated... It is currently led by expert practitioner software developers Stefan Vartolomeev and Kalin Iliev. You will not regret joining it!

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