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Ubisoft Sofia

Multithreading and Memory Management

This course has been tailored for the team of Ubisoft Sofia.

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Multithreading and Memory Management

Time & Location

08.01.2020 г., 09:00 ч.

Ubisoft Sofia, Office Center Polygraphia, 5th floor, бул. „Цариградско шосе“ 47, 1124 ж.к. Яворов, София, Bulgaria

About the Event

1  Data parallelism and data races. Synchronisation primitives (mutex and it's  variations, critical section, semaphore, condition variables). Usage and RAII wrappers - lock_guard, unique_lock. 

2  Synchronized data structures - node based (list, stack, queue, hash table) and linear - vector, tiered vector, hash table.

3  Atomic operations - read, modify, write. Compare-exchange. C++ memory order model.

4  Atomics in node based data structures. Interface changes, implementation problems. Task based parallelism, task managers and thread managers.

5  Allocators and types (free list, segregated list, hierarchical, others). Allocation strategies - stack allocator, linear, pool, composable types. Reference counting and automatic de-allocation.

6  Memory tracking and tagging - use and implementation. Windows memory allocator and runtime.

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